A brief overview of the rubbish removal process in Australia

Rubbish removal in Australia has evolved considerably over the last few years. This is primarily because the laws and regulations related to the disposal removal have changed. Today, we are living in a world which is far more conscious about the environment than it ever was. Australia is one of those countries in the world that has led from the front as far as reduction of the carbon footprints is concerned. The Australians seem to be more thoughtful about the environment as compared to many developed countries of the world. Here is a quick look at how the garbage and rubbish is processed in Australia.

Use of the waste facilities

Whether it is the residential or commercial rubbish removal in Melbourne, all of it goes to the waste facilities. However, not every facility accepts all types of wastes. There are several facilities that carry out the job of disposing, processing and recycling. Each site caters to only the specific type of rubbish or waste.

There are certain landfills where the native plants are grown so that the landfills can be rehabilitated. There are many landfill sites in Australia. They are designed in such a way so that they utilize as little space as possible but remain open for the maximum amount of time for the operations.

There are certain areas which receive the waste and stream them. Even the Melbourne hard rubbish can be easily disposed in the waste faculties.


The process of recycling

Australia has also been the front runner as far as recycling is concerned. Nearly 40% of the waste is recycled. It is surprising to know that the Australians also recycle more than 70% of their newspapers. Besides this, billions of aluminium cans from St Kilda rubbish removal and all other places are being recycled every year. This is something which is really good.

However, there is a sad story too. It has been estimated that billions of cigarette stubs find their way in the waterways, parks, and streets of Australia. Also, nearly 100 million plastic bags are also found littered. This may have a negative impact on the marine life in consequence.

However, things seem to be looking up when we consider how the recycling drive is conserving energy for us. If the plastic weighing one tonne is recycled, it can run your fridge for four weeks. So, we must focus more and more on the recycling of the waste.

The rubbish that is usually removed

Here is the list of some of the rubbish items that are removed from the sites:

  • Rubbish caused due to renovation of a site
  • Rubbish resulting due to the demolition of a site
  • Rubbish coming out of commercial places, such as old computers, files, and equipment.

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