Different Uses of Bobcat Machine

There are various big landscaping jobs that require the bobcat vehicle for various purposes. For instance, if you need to dig a hole to build a pool, clear the block, or reshape the garden or backyard then you are going to need the bobcat loader, which is a type of skid steer popular in Australia.

There are a few things about this machine that make it perfect for the areas where the access is very limited. In the front, as is common with the skid steers, is a bucket which is attached to the hydraulically operated arm. This assembly of arm allows the users to remove the soil by scooping and then moving it to another location. It can also be used for the removal of debris and sand. IRB Tippers and Bobcat Melbourne has a collection of top-grade bobcats.

How the machine has evolved over years

In the beginning, the bobcat was more or less like an open dusty cab. However, the modern vehicles are far more effective. Most of the Melbourne soil removal services are carried out using this machine. The modern machines are far more powerful and can do the job quite efficiently. One of the recent machines, s650, comes with a pressurized cab and also features a sealed interior. This keeps the dirt and grime away while you are working.

While usually these machines are operated by the professionals, after a little training you can learn how to use it too. You don’t necessarily have to buy it to use it. You can also rent one.

Demolition & Excavation Work

Another use for bobcats is to use them in demolition work. They’re extremely useful for breaking down commercial demolition services aswell as residential demolition work. Once the demolition process is commenced then you can use the same bobcat to remove the rubble from the property and load into the truck. If you’re looking for a house demolition expert then we highly recommend getting in touch with Melbourne District Demolitionfor all your demolition work. They use all types of machinery to demolition building sites, depending on the required work they’ll assign the right machinery to get the job done.


The innumerable applications

It is easy to associate the use of bobcat machine to the soil removal only. However, there is more this machine can do for you than just picking and dropping the soil. Modern machines come with lots of accessories and attachments that can make it useful for a number of landscaping jobs. It also finds a lot of use while building the retaining walls in Melbourne.

  • If you are looking to remove unwanted objects like rocks and retain the soil so that it can be used for farming or landscaping, you can do that with a special accessory called rock bucket. It is a useful accessory for bobcat that helps your farmland get rid of the rocks. A great deal of the landscaping jobs in Australia is carried out on the turf covered with the sand over the limestone. Therefore, the rock bucket comes quite handy.
  • There is another very popular attachment for the machine called auger. It is a drill in spiral shape and is principally used for digging out the post holes. A lot of people use their hands to dig the post holes, which is a very tiresome and time consuming process. With the auger it can be done extremely easily and almost in no time.
  • Concrete mixer is also a very popular attachment for bobcat machine. It might look like a typical cement mixer but it is mobile and is easy to use.

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